SAVO is the pioneer in the Sales Enablement space providing B2B software solutions to clients across a broad range of industries. I was brought onboard at the inception of their first UI/UX team to bring design leadership within the labs organization. I have introduced new tools and techniques to help design, product, engineering and other areas of the business work effectively together. Examples of these initiatives include defining design principles, defining voice and tone for our software, creating a UI style guide, and establishing design alignment across labs, marketing, and services. 

This graphic was created to illustrate the different activities working in parallel during our product creation process.


I lead our team through multiple workshops to develop a set of design principles for the team, our process, and our product. We started by looking at other examples for inspiration, did a card sorting exercise, and multiple rounds of crafting our principles. These are what we live by and serve as standards we use to hold ourselves accountable. 

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As part of our team’s growth, we set aside time every Friday for a short UI exercise. We find or invent prompts outside of the Sales Enablement space and time box ourselves to come up with solutions and designs. This help sharpen our skills and think outside the box, which also leads to new ideas we can bring back into our work for SAVO.


Our team set aside 30 minutes every afternoon to get together for a sketching session. These sessions can take the form of early brainstorming, a formal design studio, or just be a time to go over different projects we need some help or feedback on. These sessions have helped us maintain momentum and encourage creative exploration.

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