NASDAQ ETF App Redesign

The opportunity

PowerShares QQQ is the sponsor of the Nasdaq ETF App, paying $300,000 a year to keep the app going. The existing app was confusing, contained little valuable function, not widely used and not on brand with Nasdaq or PowerShares. Along with the PowerShare's Business Analyst and UX Designer we took initiative to redesign the app for Nasdaq. 

Old QETF app

  • Minimal functionality
  • Confusing 
  • Low usage
  • Off brand


In collaboration with the PowerShares Business Analyst and UX designer, we established new requirements and functions of the app and developed wireframes.


final app

Once the high fidelity designs were completed we handed them off to Nasdaq's development team to build out. Here are the final designs that have been launched in the app.

As the visual designer I designed the app within Nasdaq's brand standards and crafted the icons.