CRM Opportunity Pro (COP) is a solution embedded in Salesforce that allows sellers to see content relevant to the deal they are working on. Our team was brought in to improve the user experience of COP, with the end goal being increased adoption by our customer's sales force.


    • Designed by engineers lacking a user-centered approach
    • Usability issues consisting of poor organization, hidden functionality, and unclear navigation
    • Not designed optimally for the viewport
    • Visually not appealing 
    • Low adoption


    • Collaborated with product owners to clearly understand the problem and define KPIs 
    • Conducted user research to understand the sellers needs as they pertain to finding content within a CRM (i.e. Salesforce)
    • Observed users struggle with the current implementation to discover usability issues 
    • Interviewed the administrator persona to ensure the product was easy to implement and aligned with their strategic goals 
    • After initial research and interviews, we led a design studio made up of a cross-functional team (designers, engineers, product owners, and proxy users) to come up with potential solutions


    • Used results from the design studio to create 2-3 wireframe and prototype variations to validate with users
    • Partnered with product owners to define research objectives used for user testing
    COP-2.0-NEW-1 Copy.jpg
    • Our user testing illuminated a clear design direction for our team to pursue
    • Created high fidelity mock ups and prototypes that were used for a second round of validation 
    • Validated the solution worked in the various Salesforce interfaces (Aloha, Lightning, and Salesforce1)
    • Paired with engineers through the development process to ensure quality and efficiency


    • Measured success of the feature by comparing performance data against benchmarks
    • Conducted interviews to gather qualitative feedback around the new user experience 
    • Worked with product to incorporate feedback into their backlog